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Purpose NutritionTM
Product Overview
Creating Wellness has learned a lot about what habits and behaviors need to be focused on in order for you to create a better life. These behaviors or habits fall into one of three dimensions: Physical (Be Fit), what you do to your body. Biochemical (Eat Right), what you put into your body and Psychological (Think Well), which deals with the extremely important mind-body connection.
All 3 dimensions are important, however, the dimension that brings you the highest "return-on-effort-ratio" is the biochemical dimension. Combined with proper eating habits making routine supplementation a part of your lifestyle can have incredibly positive effects. Even better news is that there is an exciting new natural technology that makes nutritional supplementation more effective! This is why Creating Wellness offers the Purpose Nutrition line of products.
Why is it called Purpose NutritionTM? The answer is based upon our study of human motivation and potential, that tells us everyone has a purpose. Purpose is the fuel that drives positive behavior and positive results in your life. When there is a lack of purpose, we tend to fade and lose control of our lives, giving way to apathy, lack of fulfillment, and sickness. Pursuing purpose gives life more meaning and makes us more conscious of the choices we make in every dimension of our lives. These daily choices - how we nourish our bodies, minds, and intentions - determine our success at what really matters. When we are working in symphony, we just know it. We have more physical and mental energy. We feel more alive. This integrated approach targeting better health for the whole person is our guiding philosophy.
Purpose Nutrition products are designed to work with the body for tangible results, blending what we find to be the most clinically supported nutritional ingredients in their most natural and body ready form, with no fluff. Purpose products are formulated with the right amounts - not mega-amounts - of critical nutrients, which are derived from whole-food sources, and are delivered in capsules for rapid release. Purposed Nutrients are fermented in a living whole food matrix, making them more like food and therefore much easier for our bodies to recognize and use. At every stage, we created these targeted, research-based formulations using premium natural nutrients in their most body-ready form, working together in synergistic harmony.
Life is full of complicated choices, especially when it comes to health. That's why with Purpose Nutrition, we have put together a powerful, integrated system of professional-grade nutritional products that are easy to fit into your life.
When you invest in Purpose NutritionTM, you are investing in a better world. Purpose NutritionTM donates a portion of its sales to two great organizations that are creating a healthier planet for us to live on and a better planet for our children to inherit. They are Just Do One dot org and 1% For the Planet.

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